My Philosophy

Who am I and what´s my personal history?

In 2016 I made the decision to change my life and became a myJUMP-er. I experienced huge personal and life changes which motivated me to ditch my old unhealthly habits and attitudes, but most importantly, to transform my body:

  • I changed my eating habits and lifestyle
  • I lost 30 kilograms in 6 months
  • I acquired expert training in Physical Education and Sport 
  • I returned to sport and fitness
  • I changed my work and life-goals
    I did a Master's Degree and a PhD in Social and Organizational Psychology at the University of Trnava. During my studies I wanted to gain as many skills as possible so in my spare time I expanded my knowledge in adult education, mental coaching, mentorship, sport and fitness coaching.

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In 2016, I returned to sports after a few year break and started to offer professional coaching and mentorship to people who, like me, seek to change their lives for the better. I work with people who are overweight, suffer from low self-esteem or have career issues. I give advice on how improve the attitude to oneself and on how to stay motivated.

When I am not working I like to play tennis and do fitness (coaching). I also have a passion for history, teaching, psychology and hippotherapy.

Invest in yourself

Why training and coaching?

My life credo is "Nobody can take away your knowledge and experience" so what I recommend you is to invest in yourself.

The main reason I started working in this industry is to pass on my knowledge, skills and experience to other people so that they too, can feel happy, satisfied and discover their true vocation in life.

I have also been on this journey where one has to find out who they are and what they stand for.

The overwhelmingly positive response of the people (my friends, acquaintances and funnily enough, even strangers in the street) to my transformation motivated me to try and become a source of inspiration to everyone around me. A fair amount of people have recently been asking me and still ask me how I managed to change my life so drastically. And my response is simple:

I became a myJUMPer. You can also become one!

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