Erasmus+ 2023 Mobility

Since 2021, we have actively started to cooperate on Erasmus+ projects and have implemented several activities that were very attractive to us and the outputs of which we provide to other organizations working in the field of education and development.

We learn to grow and develop

The project is managed under the number 2022-2-SK01-KA122-ADU-000099022 within the Erasmus+ section for education and training, Key action 1 - Educational mobility of individuals.

Project goal:

By implementing the project, we want to achieve the fulfilment of 2 key goals, namely: (1) To increase the competencies of professionals and managers through the support of creativity and by eliminating of negative phenomena in education on the labour market and (2) To learn about cultural diversity and innovations in education and its forms and to support the growth of the organization in professional, community, autonomous and networking focus through a synergistic effect. We want to support the growth of our organization, at the same time to create an environment suitable for a professional development and at the same time a stable environment in terms of a safe management of the organization itself and also of the educational process. We also want to support the creative and innovative linking of fields in which our employees work so that we can provide education for our target groups of clients.

As part of the implementation of the project, we plan 2 basic types of mobility activities, namely participation in educational courses and job shadowing. Together, we plan the participation of 7 professionals, each of whom will participate in one of the 7 educational courses. As part of the job-showing, we want to visit 3 diverse organizations. 2 members of the management team of the organization will participate in a visit, namely 1 person as a manager with the aim of acquiring skills in the field of management of an educational organization and 1 person as a manager with the aim of gaining skills in the field of management of the educational process.