consulting & education

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body-music-movement therapy and mental health 

the development of mental health by means of movement and music is the basis of strengthening of self-regulation and motivation development

mental coaching and career development consulting

we are learning all our life and share the idea and investing in education and personal development is not taken by anyone

psychological diagnostics and team development

analysis of the work environment, psychological testing, working tools and group dynamics to help the organisation

direct marketing management and networking

using marketing to develop service potential and mapping performance capabilities with effective results presentation

lean six sigma and process management

improving productivity and quality of service is based on a perfect knowledge of the requirements and the expectation of clients with no errors


& HR marketing

helping with recruitment and hiring processes, HR marketing, personal and corporate brand building and talent identification and management

We inspire people ...

Who we are?

First of all, we are a family. And like every family we have our strong and weak points. We try our own learning lessons to inspire people to live and change themselves.

Ivana Čergeťová

Mental Coach | Psychologist | Movement Therapist

"My goal is to help people in their development and to assist people in finding themselves, improving their skills and increasing their knowledge. I believe, that only the work performed with passion can create value for mankind."

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Martin Toman

Movement Therapy Trainee | Student

"Movement and sport are my hobbies and work at the same time. I am a tennis player and I started when I was 6 years old. At school, I like mathematics and English. I would like to study IT and become a tennis coach. Tennis helps me to develop my social skills."

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Marek Ondrík

Expert Adviser | Sports Coach | Discrimination Specialist

"I work with people with the help of the body. I am a coach and at the same time a labor market expert in the field of discrimination and personal development. I make a connection between body and mind."

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Michaela Jánošová

Expert Adviser | Psychologist

"I work as a psychologist in the field of human resource management. I advise people on careers and staff development. I have been associating the topics of the labour market and discrimination for several years."

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Daniela Dvorská

Physiotherapist | Lecturer | Professional advisor

"In my job, I focus on healthy breathing education. I am an expert in exercise, mental and physical health, sports and also a freediver."

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Ondřej Horký

HR Professional | Lecturer | Professional advisor

"I am an expert in the mental and spiritual accompaniment of people in career and personal life. Managing human destinies is my daily job. "

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Ján Mihálka

Peer Worker | Body Maker

"I help people to change their relationship to themselves and also to their work. Motivation is a key in both cases."

Barbora Mihálková

Peer Worker | Teacher

"I prefer to keep in the background. I am learning to achieve my own goals and share my experience with other people."

Veronika Vasilová

Andragogy | Culture & Creative Industry Expert 

"For more than 15 years, I have been working in the field of cultural and creative industries, and I see education as the core of the development of the life of every country."

... to life changes

What do we do?

The focus of our activities is tied to 3 key areas of our education and practice - psychology, sport and performance management.

In our work, we support and engage in projects that make sense and develop the current society and people in a positive direction.


new life habits ● mentoring and coaching ● career guidance ● personal development and education 

    Individual training plan

    weight reduction ● nutrition & dietary guidelines ● SM system ● individual fitness training ● DNS training ● FMS screening

      Inspire people to make a change | Become a myJUMPer | Join us #becomeamyjumper