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In 2023, we continue our successful international cooperation with the Network for European Citizenship and Identity organization from Cyprus. Since December 2023, we have been involved in an international project funded by the Erasmus+ grant program called "The Next Step: Non-formal Learning in Youth Work" (2023-1-CY02-KA151-YOU-000117445).

The Next Step: Non-formal Learning in Youth Work

This project is designed to promote Non-Formal Learning through which representatives of the partner organisations will share personal and professional experiences, contribute based on their competencies, work collaborative, irrespective of background and develop a programme which will meet the following objectives: 

Objective 1: International cooperation between experienced and not experienced Organisations and individuals but also between target groups, youths and youth workers who aim to eliminate discrimination and marginalisation through social inclusion practice. 

Objective 2: To increase the capacity of youth workers to work with diversity using non-formal learning methods. 

Objective 3: To develop projects to leave an efficient impact for the next Erasmus period on the topic of social inclusion and intercultural learning 

Objective 4: To develop youths' skills and competencies to improve solidarity and social awareness. 

Objective 5: To promote and develop concern and awareness of how Non-formal learning can bridge cultural differences and support youthwork 

The project also meets International, EU and E+ objectives because: encourages participation of youth leaders and youths, especially the ones with fewer opportunities, and secures safety and a pleasant NF learning environment

Advance Preparatory Visit

🌍 Exciting News! 🌟 Karolina Bajakova, our representative and volunteer, is currently participating in the APV (Erasmus+, preparatory visit) in Cyprus! 🇨🇾 This event brings together 7 countries—Slovakia, Cyprus, Romania, Czechia, Turkey, N. Macedonia, and Greece. 🌐

🔍 Project Focus: "The Next Step: Non-formal Learning in Youth Work" 

📆 Dates: December 1-4, 2023 

🆔 Project Number: 2023-1-CY02-KA151-YOU-000117445

Stay tuned for updates as we explore innovative approaches to non-formal learning in youth work! 🚀 #ErasmusPlus #YouthWork #NonFormalLearning #ProjectUpdate #myjump

Training (7-days)

Exciting News: Successful Launch of Erasmus+ Training Program!

We are thrilled to announce the successful kickoff of the Erasmus+ training program (20.01.2024 - 28.01.2024), an initiative designed to foster non-formal learning in youth work. This program represents a monumental step in our commitment to empowering young individuals and enhancing their skills for a brighter future.

Highlights of the Program:

  1. International Collaboration: We brought together a diverse group of enthusiastic participants from various countries, including Greece, Turkey, North Macedonia, Romania, and the Czech Republic, along with our passionate team from Slovakia. This multicultural gathering provided a unique platform for sharing experiences and learning from different cultural perspectives.

  2. Engaging Activities: The program was packed with interactive and dynamic activities. These ranged from thought-provoking team-building exercises to enjoyable, 'silly' tasks that not only broke the ice among participants but also helped foster a spirit of unity and cooperation.

  3. Learning Through Fun: One of the key aspects of our training was to make learning enjoyable and memorable. The activities were designed to encourage participants to step out of their comfort zones, engage in creative problem-solving, and develop effective communication skills in a playful setting.

  4. Valuable Outcomes: The program successfully enhanced participants' understanding of non-formal education techniques in youth work. It provided them with practical tools and methodologies that can be applied in their respective fields and communities.

Looking Forward:

As we wrap up the first phase of this incredible journey, we are already looking forward to the next steps. We believe the skills and knowledge gained through this program will have a lasting impact on the participants and their approach to youth work.

Stay tuned for more updates and stories from our participants, as we continue to progress in youth empowerment and education!

Join the Conversation:

We invite you to follow our journey and share your thoughts and experiences in non-formal education. Let's keep the conversation going and work together towards creating a more inclusive and empowered future for our youth.

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On February 19, 2024, we had the pleasure of organizing a project presentation and sharing the skills we acquired with psychology students at St. Elizabeth University in Bratislava. This presentation was dedicated to our experiences and insights gained during our participation in the Erasmus+ project held in Cyprus.

Like the project itself, the presentation focused on the significance of non-formal education and its impact on personal and professional development. We discussed topics such as human rights, conflict resolution, and social inclusion, which were the main content of the project. We also shared stories and experiences from interacting with participants from various countries, including Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, North Macedonia, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

The goal of our presentation was not only to introduce the project but also to motivate students to participate in similar programs actively. We highlighted how non-formal education can be a valuable supplement to formal education, not only in acquiring new skills but also in building interpersonal relationships and developing social competencies.

Finally, we presented the Youthpass certificate we received to recognise our skills and competencies acquired during the project.

We believe that our presentation provided valuable insight into the opportunities non-formal education offers and inspired others to seek and utilize similar opportunities for their development.