Clients and myJUMPers

Peter Machovčák

"I met Ivana for the first time during the 2016 summer holidays. She helped me tremendously in choosing the right career path and in finding the determination I lacked to pursue my goals and ambitions for which I am incredibly grateful.“

Adriana Bordáková

"If you are looking for someone who is able to motivate, inspire, support, guide, and give advice to their clients, you have found the perfect match - Ivana. She is exactly the type of person who knows how to find not the easiest but the right way to achieve all of your goals."

Lenka Budajová

"I have known Ivana for several years. In 2011, she took me under her wings and started mentoring me mainly in the work sphere. It is thanks to her that I am constantly acquiring new skills, abilities and knowledge in various domains; for instance in human resources, marketing and working with people. She also helped me as regards my attitude towards myself, my perception of people around me and as a result, I have a job which I thoroughly enjoy and which gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. "

Tomáš Zuzula

"Where do I start? Working with Ivana was always interesting as she had a lot to teach me not only in my former work but also when preparing me for my current job. One instance of her assiting me immensely, was when she prepared me for a job interview. She familiarized me with professional conduct and boosted my confidence so that I could not only land the job but also attain my aims in life."

Veronika Králová

"My first encounter with Ivana was in the workplace where she always incredibly cheerful and motivated. She always pushed me in the right direction. In addition to helping me at work, she also assisted me numerous times in my personal life. Working alongside her is and has always been inspirational and since she is a very likable and frank person, every time I am unable to find a way out of a difficult situation, I ask her for suggestions and she finds a solution almost straight away. Thanks to her I have the willpower to keep learning in my work and also to always strive towards the better version of myself. Her mentoring is an invaluable asset to me and she is one of the few who I know will always be there for me no matter the situation. She never says things along the lines of 'I am busy,' or 'I cannot help you with this.' Instead, she always comes up with a simple, yet effective solution to whatever problem you present her with. She excels at doing everything with dogged determination and persistence. I love working with her and that is why I would highly recommend her to anyone. You can be sure that she will readily help you every time and she will also motivate you not only at work but also in personal life."

Martina Brachňáková

"Me and Ivana have known each other for almost 3 years now. Together we worked on streamlining the processes and systems at our work. She is a living example that couching is a professional friendship and she demonstrated it as a member of a team, as a manager and even as a colleague. I consider Ivana to be an excellent professional but I also view her as my close friend and confidante. By being open and frank she hits the nail on the head when giving advice and accurately names the problems and their underlying causes. From that point on, it is really easy to arrive at a solution. She has also taught me that once I make an effort to change myself for the better the world around me follows suit. Thank you Ivana!"

Alexandra Bučková

""My Ivanka, the second name Sheldon Cooper, the third name CRAZYYYY, never allow the child in you to die, please."

Ivana Dobranská

"You are a wonderful person. It is a miracle to what you pushed me. I do not believe myself that you could give me so much courage. Personally, you pushed me and we are minimal time together. You bring a good energy and our employees are pleased with you. You can fit to all in one minute. I believe it will be a long friendship and cooperation."

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